The University of Naples Parthenope ad Apple Distribution International have agreed to enter into a Scientific and Technological Cooperation to start an academic Program for iOS Development. The Program will run for a series of three week classes to be held in University’s facilities, focusing on developing iOS applications and teaching specific coding skills to improve the knowledge of the iOS ecosystem. Each class will include up to 30 students and will be expected to have completed a working prototype of iOS, tvOS and/or watchOS applications (“Apps”) to be potentially submitted for consideration for distribution on Apple’s App Store.

  • The program
    includes the training of 300 students enrolled by the University of Naples Parthenope for a total of 14 classes designed by Apple whose 10 iOS classes and 4 special classes each lasting three weeks.
  • Students
    will have the opportunity to be attributed University credits as part of their own University career.
  • The Location
    is the historic Villa Doria D' Angri in a high-tech laboratory equipped with the latest Apple hardware and software.
  • The beginning
    of classes is scheduled on October 2016 with a call for assesment to be published by the beginning of September.

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